Dear God,

And what could be more ironic than this prayer of an agnostic?

I’m not sure if I have to apologize for what I believe in – for neither believing nor disbelieving a god as You (or are You?) to whom I now address this prayer. The only thing left certain for now is that after this very prayer, I doubt I can ever look myself in the mirror again with the same respect for dignity.

An absolute surrender of oneself, this very prayer now denies me any reason – any right – to justify my agnostic belief as I used to ever again not alone with You or with the rest of the world but most specially, with myself. But just the same… I pray.

I pray you tell me what else to tell you that you didn’t already know. I pray you tell me whether I should ask you to prove me wrong or prove me right.

For to prove thegodexperiment wrong would render my agnosticism most right while to prove thegodexperiment right would spell doom to so many a faith – death to so many a god. Really, I’m sorry… But the world has gotten so tired of annihilating wars defending their faiths and shielding their gods. Perhaps, until YOU prove Yourself You are.

That your oblivious silence translates my ignorance to bliss, I pray You tell me there are way better joys than bliss… there are richer treasures than ignorance… perhaps, knowing You? Learning You? Loving You even? Possible? You tell me. I pray. Earnestly… I pray… I would love to know and perhaps, experience You.

Get out of oblivion and prove me wrong.



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